LV team

LINEASVIVAS fly fishing is passion, passion borned of a entire life dedicated to nature, rivers and fly fishing and of a different view of the world. Pure fly fishing lifestyle, distilled of a free soul and its dreams.

Let´s introduce ourselves:

Álvaro G. Santillán, “Varo”

The head behind LV: Álvaro was born in the north of Spain where he fish since his early childhood. Specialized in trout sight fishing and atlantic salmon, Álvaro travels searching for the best dry fly fishing spots in each season of the year. Nature lover and photographer, he is always with a rod and a camera in his hands, waiting to capture on his camera the essence of fly fishing world. Founder of LineasVivas flyfishing in 2006, he writes for spanish magazines where you can find his pictures and his particular feelings about flyfishing.

Alvaro was member of the Spanish high competition youth team, with a great number of honor positions in nationals and state championships.

Fly casting lover, Álvaro obtained the Master of Fly Casting title of PAIL program by the National Casting Commission.

Nowadays, he is member of the PT in GUIDELINE, ambassador in SALMONIZED and working hard in his new audiovisual project FOCUSONTHEFLY.